The Art of Unsystematic Composition

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Today I had a long talk with one of my followers, they shared with me their story, and I shared mine with them. When everything was said, I felt it was time to pass on a piece of advice I’d been given years before.

Anyone who claims to be your “friend” but doesn’t celebrate your victories, and never misses your failures, is NOT your “friend.”

This goes for all walks of life, but it echoes louder for artists, writers, and musicians. If you have someone who claims to be your “friend” but has done nothing but hinder you, your passion, and your craft— then you have my permission to walk away.

There’s a saying in Mexico…

"I would rather be alone than in bad company."

Stay strong, dear followers. You don’t ‘owe’ anyone your friendship. It doesn’t matter if you have known each other your whole life, or if you just met. You have a limited time on this planet, don’t waste it surrounded by people who hinder your art.


Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Shop floral dresses. 


I’ve been going to anime/comic conventions for eight years, yet I still can’t explain what the significance of conventions are to people without having to go through a 20 minute explanation.  It’s truly a life changing experience, I can tell you that for sure!!  Here’s just a small example, but when I was younger I thought I was the only person on this planet that used Deviantart, until I attended Sakura Con.  I ended up collecting over 50 business cards that had their DA links that year, and I thought that was the just coolest thing to know that I was not alone.  Countless other moments had occurred that year where I met more and more people who knew of and appreciated the same things that I did.  So I hope most of you can relate to that feeling of absolute bliss and joy of attending a con.  uvu
Why do you like conventions?  I’d love to hear your stories!!



Custom Steampunk Nintendo DS

By AbsyntheDesign


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Corgi puppy Friday!
Tempe at 10 weeks…

Tempe. All sassy corgitude. 




for once a movie nails it

like always Leo nails it but you don’t see him getting his oscar anytime soon

leo deserves an oscar he’s phenomenal 

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"My parents have always been very dismissive of depression in other people. So I’m afraid to tell them that I think I’m getting depressed."

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